Sand changes

After time (around 5 to 6 years) your sand may need changing in the filter.
This is because the grains
 of sand will round off making it less efficient to trap the smaller particles. 

This can cause misty pools.

When this happens then it is probably time to get the sand replaced. I will also replace the spray bars at the bottom of the filter as they can become brittle over time and if one of them breaks then sand will be pumped into the pool.      

Glass changes

This system is more robust than sand systems. Once changed to glass system this will last for many years and normally will only need a little topping up every 5 years or so.

Selector valves

Occasionally a selector valve will fail causing a substantial loss of water as it flows freely down the waste pipe even when the lever is in the filter position. Signs that the valve is starting to fail are water sitting in the recesses of the lever and the pool starting to need a little more water than usual. If this happens then call me to check before its to late and causes more costs than needed.

Replacement Pumps

If your pump becomes noisy or loses it ability to pump the water efficiently then please call me. Sometimes it may just be a blocked impeller from debris slipping through the pump basket which needs unblocking. If it is not this and the pump has a problem then depending on the severity it can be repaired. Unfortunately this can be costly and in many cases it is cheaper to purchase a new pump.

Replacement sand filter

Occasionally the sand filter will need changing due to age. They can develop leaks along the seams or just start leaking at many various points. Normally a leaking filter is not repairable. 

When changing the filter then it will be installed with a new selector lever as part of the installation cost. Also it is recommended to add new sand or glass system at this point.

Pipe and valve replacements

Pipes and valves in the pool room can also fail or develop leaks. In most cases these can be changed or new pipes installed at certain points. This would be determined by a site visit.